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Project Alpha

Project Alpha is a motivational program conceived and developed by the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc and targets middle and high school African American males for support and success. The purpose of the program is personal development and self-esteem.

The mission of Project Alpha is to enhance and facilitate quality education for African American inner-city youth by identifying and challenging obstacles and conditions which obstruct their achievements, development and opportunity.

Through an application referral process involving high school and middle school counselors and administrators or members of the community, young men are identified and selected for participation in the program. The program will meet every other weekend from September to May from 9 am-12 pm(time and meeting type subject to change due to pandemic).


Project Alpha participants will deal with such topics as anger management, value of an education, How to be successful in school, college and careers, focus on health, the law and you, conflict resolution, respect and understanding of proper authority, financial planning, team and self-confidence, problem solving, building trust, male responsibility regarding teenage pregnancy and social skills. This is done with activities such as outdoor team building exercises, interaction with successful African-American role models, one on one mentoring with brothers, Spring educational field trips to major cities in the South, local field trips, tour historically black colleges and universities and local colleges, attend college and pro sporting events, attend local seminars, volunteering in the community and joint partnering with other mentoring programs.


If you are interested in participating in the program or would like to recommend a student, please fill out the application and submit the completed form to

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